Wall Decals For Nursery

All You Will Ever Need to Know About Nursery Wall Decals

Decorating your child’s room does not have to be a time-consuming task with you spending your entire weekend going through arts and crafts pages online. Parents now opt for nursery wall decals that are incredibly easy to use and are available in a variety of colors.

Bring your infants or toddler’s room to life with colorful wall decal. Alphabet and animal designs are most popular among homeowners as the designs not only encourage children to learn but have fun at the same time.

Why Should You Opt For Removable Wall Decorations?

As your infant grows older, you will have to remodel their room all over again. Decorating a nursery with removable peel on decorations is a good idea since homeowners will need to change the theme of the room as the baby grows into a toddler.

Most wall decals come in a variety of themes and colors and best of all, they are incredibly easy to apply and remove hence you can alternate designs without having to worry about ruining your child’s nursery walls.

Safe Wall Decal

Child Safety

According to Kitty Lascurain, Nurseries and Kid’s Rooms Expert, heavy wall hanging, no matter how properly installed, pose a threat to the safety of babies. It is imperative that parents opt for lightweight decorations or better yet, use vinyl wall decals instead. Vinyl wall decals are incredibly lightweight and will not pose a threat to your child even if it peels off.

Budget Friendly

In addition, having the nursery painted and remodeled can be tough on a tight budget. Decorating your child’s walls with decals is a pocket-friendly way of personalizing their room. Unlike painted wall murals, walls do not fade away with time and require little maintenance.

Opting for wall decals also eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment, such as nails, drills and paint supplies that are needed for most wall decorating projects.

Easy Application

Compared to traditional tapestries, wall decals offer easy application. Wall decays eliminate the fuss associated with wallpaper mounting and wall painting so you do not get yourself caught in a sticky situation.

Wall decals are mostly self-adhesive, in other words, they are mess free and do not require long prep time and glues that leave behind residues.

Easy Wall Decal

One of the reasons why people stay away from home modeling projects is because they are afraid of creating a big mess. If you have a toddler in the house and are unable to initiate a craft project at home, a a wall decal is the perfect solution to your problem.

Decals can be applied to any surface as long as it is smooth. This includes metal surfaces, headboards and glass doors.

Most wall decals can be repositioned with time or can be reapplied. This is a useful feature especially for homeowners who like to move around their furniture a lot.

Easy To Clean

Unlike stencils and paints, wall decals can be peeled off and cleaned easily. Over the years, paint starts to chip or even bubble. This leaves homeowners no choice but to reapply paint over the walls all over again.

In addition, wall decals can hide old wall cracks or stains while adding color to your room and accentuate old walls or headboards. Countless parents opt for small decals to decorate the walls of their infants, while others use large wall stickers.

Ideal for Rental Houses

Most property owners prohibit activities, such as painting and renovating the house. Rest assured, wall decals allow you to add as much color as you want to your rented home.

Wall Decal Tree

Because of its easy application, tenants can enjoy decorating their rooms according to their personal preference without worrying about ruining the walls.

The wall decals can immediately be removed without a scratch once a tenant’s contract term expires. Because wall decals do not leave behind ugly glue stains or adhesive residue on walls, tenants can breathe easy and customize their walls according to their personal preferences.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wall Decal

Decorating the nursery is the perfect way to prepare for the arrival of the little one. Overcome by joy, expecting parents spend hours deciding color schemes and pieces of furniture to make the room more lively and colorful.

Wall decals are an easy way to bring color to plain boring old walls. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect nursery wall decal:

Decide Where to Place It

Would you like the wall decals placed near the baby’s crib? Or somewhere in a corner along with the baby’s books? Knowing where you will be placing your nursery wall decal will guide you on what size of wall decal to purchase. Ideally, parents can place wall decals in an area that is out of reach for children so they do not rip or tear it.


While large wall decals may look great in a small space, you would require sufficient wall space to display multiple small wall decal designs. For wide empty walls, opt for larger wall decals to occupy the entire area while when dealing with smaller spaces, pick smaller decals.

Huge Wall Mural Animals

Take Measurements

Before you place an order for a custom-made wall decal you saw online, take proper measurements first. There is nothing more disappointing than having to send back a wall mural that does not fit. To avoid committing these mistakes, request the wall decal manufacturer to assist you.

Child Safety First

Keep in mind that wall stickers may cause harm, especially to infants and kids. Before you make your purchase, check if your desired wall decals are made from safe materials. Look for the following labels:

  • Lead free
  • VOC free
  • ​Phthalate
  • Non toxic

Decide on the Feel of the Room

So, you want the nursery to be colorful and bright, or pale and dreamy? Decide on the feel you want for the room. Keep the desired atmosphere in mind before you pick the color scheme of the wall decal. The room should have a color scheme. It is up to you whether you decide to choose the color scheme before or after the wall decal.

Decoration With Wall Decal

Choosing Other Room Essentials

While there are various designs to choose from, it is imperative you choose a design your child can relate to. For your toddler, you can choose designs of their favorite cartoon characters or their favorite baby animals to enhance their imagination. Using borders can aid in adding color to plain and boring old walls.

Plan the Layout of Your Room

Choosing a wall decal will be an easy task once you have planned the overall layout for your room. This includes deciding where the major pieces of furniture will be placed, such as the baby’s crib and dressing table.

Once you have decided the room layout and wall decal, it becomes easier to pick out other accessories, like your child’s bedding, posters and toys to complete the overall look of the room.

Choose Decals that Radiate Positivity

Do not disregard the effects of having a room that radiates positivity. To promote positive energy, one can opt for inspirational decals. Inspirational decals are ideal for older kids and help remind them of how special they are.

Positive Wall Decals

Make your child’s room more welcoming and comforting by choosing wall decals in hues and patterns to promote a feeling of calm.

Types of Wall Decals

There are several types of wall decals one can choose from. Wall decals are characterized according to their designs and the materials of which they are made.

Matte Vinyl Decals

Matte Vinyl Decals are one-sided adhesive materials and are generally re-usable. Most matte vinyl decals come with a laminate overlay to prevent the decal from being torn or stretched over time.

Invest in high quality vinyl decal and you will never regret your purchase as this laminate allows people to reuse or reapply decals. This is a handy feature for newbies who may commit amateur decorating errors while applying wall decals.

Matte Vinyl Decals

Animal Alphabet Wall Decals by Tree Penguin are an excellent choice for beginners as the decal can easily be reapplied in case you make a crease or a bubble during application. Simply pull off the decal slowly and reapply it carefully, trying not to make a crease the next time.

Vinyl decals offer flexibility and quality, unlike any other interior wall decorating option. Matte vinyl decals are the perfect alternative to hiring a professional interior designer due to its easy application.

In addition to using wall decal for your child’s room, wall decals can also be used to decorate offices, living rooms and other areas of the household for a more personalized effect.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are larger versions of wall decals that cover entire walls. Murals may require the use of strong adhesive paste, similar to those required for wallpaper mounting. Wall murals are available in a variety of designs and themes.

Wall Murals

How to Apply Wall Decals Like a Pro

Applying wall decals for kid’s bedrooms is a quick and easy way to add style to their room. Personalize your child’s space in no time by purchasing wall decals of their favorite cartoon characters or of alphabets and baby animals. Here’s how to begin:

Select Space for Placement

Look for bare walls in your child’s bedroom that can use some perking up. If you wish to apply a wall sticker for your child’s nursery, do not stick the wall decay directly above the child’s crib. It is a good idea to take note of the following details prior to application:

  • Proper measurements
  • Color schemes

Purchase Wall Decal

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing wall decals. Browse through online for the best deals. Countless stores allow consumers to customize designs, hence if your child wants a jungle themed room. You can order wall decals of different wild animals, trees and branches, according to your personal preference.

Cleaning Wall

Clean the Surface

Remove any sort of dirt and oil from the surface prior application. Leaving behind dirt and oil may prevent the wall decal from adhering to the surface properly. While oil stains can be removed with a sponge lathered with soapy water, dirt can be cleaned with a simple piece of cloth. Keep in mind that the wall must be perfectly dry before application.

Double Check

To double-check that the decal will look great in your room, leave the paper backing on and temporarily attach the decal on the wall with some tape. This will allow you to examine how your decal will look without ruining it.

While most wall stickers for children are reusable, creases may cause the sticker to fold after being applied making the second application not as neat as the first one.

Using tape to examine your decal is a foolproof way of testing how the design would look around different areas of the room until you are finally satisfied with the final placement.

Draw Guidelines

You do not want to risk applying the wall sticker crooked so get your ruler and pencil ready and draw guidelines to aid the final application process. Then, align the wall sticker as close as possible to the guidelines. Keep your hands steady and apply the decal slowly to avoid error.

Wall Decal On Glass

Remove Air Bubbles

According to WikiHow, using a squeegee can smoothen the surface and remove any air bubbles that may be present during application. Air bubbles result in an uneven finish and prevent the wall sticker from adhering to the surface properly.

Start by working from the middle and smoothen away air bubbles as you work your way up to the outer corners. Rest assured, vinyl stickers, such as Animal Alphabet Wall Decays by Tree Penguin can be reapplied easily, hence do not panic if you make a mistake.

Unveil the Paper Backing

Paper backing protects the outer surface of the decal and is to be removed once the decal is applied. Removing the outer paper backing will enhance the color of the decal and will allow you to see the full effect of the decal on your space.

If the paper backing does not remove easily, dampen the paper. In addition, if the decal starts coming off, stop immediately and carefully reapply the area once again to prevent damage.

Wall Decal Ideas for Kids


What better way to decorate your child’s bedroom than to use alphabet themed wall decals? These Animal Alphabet wall decals are the perfect way to add color to your child’s bedroom.

Alphabets Wall Decals

Not only are the decals bright and colorful but these decals making learning fun. The set contains 52 decals with 26 uppercase alphabets and 26 lowercase alphabets.

Art Easel

Art Easels are peel and stick wall decals that children can write on. Allow your child to display their artistic abilities. Art Easels will make learning more fun and will encourage children to explore their artistic abilities from an early age.

Art Easel


Experiment with different themes for your child’s personal preference. Some of the most popular themes include space, jungle, race car as well as fairytale, princess-y themes for girls.

Themes Wall Decal

Why Teachers Should Use Wall Decals

Apart from parents who wish to decorate their child’s or infant’s bedroom, teachers can also benefit from kids wall decals. Here’s how:

To Inspire Students

According to WallMonkeys, wall decals can also be used as inspiration tools in the classroom. Teachers can opt for wall decals according to their course plans or purchase wall decals that are a preproduction of famous paintings to inspire children during art class.

Kids enjoy looking up at colorful walls, seeing famous paintings may inspire children to pursue a career in art when they are older.

Wall Decal In School

To Brighten Up the Class Room Walls

Classrooms and schools should appear inviting to children. Using color wall decals brighten up boring and dull walls. Purchase colorful wall decals and you will notice a difference in your students’ attitude.


The following are some common FAQs that will aid you in making the perfect purchase:

Can Wall Decals Be Stored For Future Use?

You may want to relocate the wall decal or save them for re-use at a later date. Depending on the quality of wall decal you choose, wall decals may be replied. According to Roommatesdecor, it is recommended you reapply the decals to their original liners that came with the packaging and store them wherever you please for future application.

How Long Do Wall Decals Last?

Good quality wall decals are meant to last for years to come. Low humidity and little moisture aid in preserving wall decals for the future.

Are Wall Stickers Only For Walls?

No. Wall stickers can be applied to any surface that is flat and clean. This includes doors, glasses and mirrors.

Can I Clean My Wall Decals?

Unlike wallpapers, good quality wall decals are washable. Wall decals are made from a material known as PSV. If the wall decals are digitally printed, the inks will be waterproof.

How to Remove Wall Stickers and Wall Decals for Children?

According to Ezinearticles, the procedure for removing wall decals depends on the surface they are adhered to.


Painted walls may be at a risk from damage when removing wall decals but if you are careful, the decals can be successfully removed without leaving behind adhesive residue. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Avoid pulling or scratching the wall decal. Instead, use slow and steady hands to prevent damage to the walls
  • When removing vinyl stickers, use a hairdryer to heat the edges of the sticker, then slowly start to peel off the edge as the vinyl starts to feel warm
  • ​As you peel off the edges, use the hairdryer to heat the next section of vinyl and continue to do so till the sticker is completely peeled off
  • Adhesive residue may be wiped off with an acetate based cleaner, e.g. nail polish remover

Glass and Metal

Wall decays can be adhered to pretty much any surface as long as it is smooth. When removing wall decals from metal and glass surfaces, the problem is not related to surface damage. Instead, the issue lies in removing the sticker from the surface because the vinyl sticks to them so well.

Removing wall stickers from these surfaces is most likely to leave behind residue, hence use a metal edged scraper, paint scraper or sharp fingernails to remove the sticker.

  • Start by heating the decal, using a hairdryer
  • Start peeling off the edge
  • Once you have pulled the sticker off, scrape off the residue

Can Wall Decals For Kids Be Applied On Textured Walls?

Yes, in fact, the vinyl wall trend is getting extremely popular. Below are some tips by ThirdStopOnTheRight to help you:

  • Assess the Wall Material - Some vinyl wall decal companies exclusively design decals that are suited for textured walls. Assess the wall material. If you do not want to risk making a mistake, contact customer service and perhaps they will send a representative to apply the wall decal for you.
  • Glue Stick - Using a glue stick aids the process of applying walls decals to textured areas. Use a little bit of glue on the back. Using glue is especially handy for sticking intricate and delicate wall decays, such as quotations and letters on surfaces.
  • Use a Hairdryer - Use a hairdryer to make the decals more flexible. However, overheating may cause the vinyl decals to melt
  • Clean the Surface - The sticker will not adhere to the wall if the surface is not clean, hence clean the wall by rubbing alcohol or another cleaning agent.


Nursery wall decals are available in hundreds of styles and colors. Choose the right wall decal to add ambiance to your child’s room.

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